5 Money Saving Tips For 2017 Grad Parties


It is party season all year round from birthdays and baby showers to anniversaries and weddings. There’s always an awesome reason to celebrate with friends and family but with all those parties the thought of planning a grad party could have you clutching tighter to your wallet. Here are 5 ways you could save money on your next grad party.

- A Combined Grad party – You’ll save a ton of cash pooling funds with the other parents and you may be the hero for suggesting it. Get the grads to come up with fellow grads who would want to share their grad party. 3 – 5 grads is usually a nice number so you won’t have too many guests. Get together with the parents and discuss a good budget for the party and decide who will handle what. Delegation is important for a successful party and get the grads involved too. The party should be great after all the more the merrier right?

- Location Location Location – Choosing a venue can be really daunting but you could save by renting a small to medium space at a community center. Most centers have discounts for locals. You could save even more if any of the parents have a large enough home for the party and is willing to host it at their home but you’ll all want to arrange clean up (this might convince them). A local cleaning company may be worth it depending on how late the party runs. You are welcome host!

- Date and Invitations – You want to decide on the venue first before picking a date this allows you the flexibility of picking the most affordable date available with the venue and the most convenient for the host if at a home. Best dates are on weekends between 1pm and 9pm. Choose a Friday or Sunday and you are likely to get better deals from vendors since they are less busy than Saturday. Also consider the grad party dates of friends too.

For invitations opt for electronic invitations with text or email RSVP to save the most money plus you could open a Paypal account for the grads to receive monetary gifts. Make sure to add this to the invitations.

- Have a theme – themes are not only great for added fun, they help streamline your party planning and help with deciding everything including food, decoration, drinks, party games and fun ideas to add to the party. Speaking of fun, you knew number five was coming so here goes.

- Hire Eleven Photo Booth – A photo booth is great for creating fun memories at a grad party. An automatic self serve booth will save you money. Make sure to get photos with your grads because they’ll put it up on the wall in the college dorm or in the lockers in high school and you’ll definitely be the fun parent. Plus we offer theme coordination and we are really affordable. Seriously, contact us to find out just how affordable we are.